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Anonymous said: Give some advise you would give to your high school self .


as a person who is graduated from high school already:

these are based on regrets that i’ve made or regrets that people i know have made. i don’t consider myself to be an authority figure or a professional of any kind and i don’t mean to be condescending or professorial. many of these may be obvious to you, but these are a list of things i wish i was told before i during my early years of high school, and i’m sure you can benefit from reading this

• Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge

don’t value first impressions highly. don’t dismiss a person or idea too early
just because you immediately get a bad impression from it. you will miss many
opportunities because of that. just because something seems bad at first
impression, does not mean it is bad. Try to give everything a fair chance.

• Don’t Let Your Friends Slip Away

if your friendship with someone is slowly weakening, take iniative immediately to tryna repair it instead of allowing your situation to exacerbate. Identify a possible reason why the friendship is weakening. If you think is your fault, try and make ammends immediately.

• Don’t Ever Hold Grudges

holding a grudge is like holding a trade embargo. it is intended to hurt the other
party, but it hurts you equally. spending your high school years focusing on the
tension between you and another person is not pleasant. be quick to forgive.

• Don’t Seek Revenge

unless revenge is entails little effort, will be effective, and puts you at no risk
for consquences, don’t seek it. just let it go and move on. if it’s tension
between a person from your school, you will never see them again in a few years.

• Don’t Get Into Drama

if the problem doesn’t involve you, don’t get involved. as tempting as it seems to
get in a conflict, mediate, take sides, and try to resolve it, it just isn’t worth
it. It may give you enemies, it’s a huge waste of time, and it produces no
benefits for you.

• Pick The Right Classes

once you pick a class, you are stuck with it for the whole year. don’t pick a class that you won’t want to take for the whole year for a stupid reason. there’re so many classes and only a limited amount of them you can take, so think carefully. high school is an opportunity to learn about so many things, so just pick courses that you always wanted to learn.

• Have Respect For Authority

no matter how much you may dislike them at the time, just remember that teachers and parents care about you and are only doing their job. listen to their advice and heed it. don’t argue with them and just obey them.

• Don’t Be A Victim Of Fads

wearing the latest fashion, getting the newest electronics, getting a popular
haircut, and spending much time trying to follow the latest trends is all a waste.
fads don’t matter in a few months and they are not in your interest - only in the
interest of giant corporations who market to the masses.

• Don’t Try To Please Everybody

there is no way you can please everybody or get everybody to agree with you. don’t spend any effort trying to please others who will never like you. it’s a huge waste of time.

• Don’t Draw Negative Attention

don’t say anything offensive and do not be a pessimist. don’t have bad hygeine or act immaturely. it takes a lot of time to repair a bad image and it is better to
have no attention at all than to get negative attention.

• Create A Set Of Goals

ask yourself what you would like to accomplish by the end of high school, make a plan on how you would like to reach them. there’s a lot of room for improvement and there is no reason not to improve.

• Learn To Say The Word “No”

saying “yes” to everything is an awful vice. it can easily allow you to be
encumbered by selfless tasks which are at no benefit to you. and if you say “yes” to one thing, as a natural consequence, you have to say “no” to something else. so just learn to say the word “no”, a lot.

• Make The Right Friends

friends who use others, friends who engage in criminal activity, friends who
immature, and friends who you can never have a serious relationship with are a waste of an investment. make the right friends rather than being influenced by the wrong friends.

• Remember That You Are Young

you are immature: physically, mentally, and emotionally. you are comparatively dumb. there is a lot of room for improvement and growth, so don’t deny yourself that improvement and growth because you think you are superior to your elders.

• Your Views Will Change

the views you have now, even if you hold them 100% firmly, will most likely change as you get older and begin to mature. your political views, your opinions, your beliefs, your interpretation of your past, everything. so keep that in mind that what you think now might not be true at all.

• Learn To Take Responsibility

doing whatever you want regardless of the consequences because your
parents or teachers are there to fix it. it’s an awful habit. learn to be
accountable for yourself and learn self-discipline.

• Stay In Healthy Shape

get a sufficient amount of sleep, eat healthy, take vitamins, exercise, and avoid reckless behavior. you only get one life, so be well in it.

• Educate Yourself Outside Of School

if school is your only source of knowledge, you will be ignorant and will probably never even open a book after you graduate school. learn as much as you can outside of school: about finances, politics, marketable skills, useful skills, etc.

• See Things In Other People’s Perspective

the decisions people make, may seem odd to you, but try to step in their shoes and try to imagine why they would do the things that they do. Were they a victim of of something, do they have good intentions, do they have something to gain out of what they are doing, are they thinking illogically, or are you thinking illogically?

• Plan For After High School

you shouldn’t have a specific plan on what you want to do early in high school, but as the years pass by, make sure you have a plan. Whether it is college, a vocational school, or the military, just make sure you have a plan for something, and make sure you are working to acheive that goal.

• Be Thankful Of Everything You Have

there are many people in the world who are poor, starving, uneducated, and on the verge of death, and there are millions of people in history who have suffered from war, famine, and slavery. So be thankful for everything you have.

• It’s All About The Habits

bad habits are hard to break and remain with you for a long time. don’t fall into a
trap which can hurt you your whole life. simultaneously, develop good habits which you would like to carry with you your whole life.

• You Have A Lot Of Time

you have very very very high amount of free time on your hands to use however you wish. you can waste it in front of a television screen or you can use it
productively. the choice is up to you.

• Realize High School Isn’t The Real World

high school isn’t the real world. the real world isn’t a closed environment. it
is a free society where people accept responsibility for their actions. what is
rewarded in high school (popularity, athleticness, rote memorization, obedience) is different from what is rewarded in the real world. if high school isn’t working out for you, you may find yourself better in handling the real world.

• How Will This Impact Me In Five Years?

ask that question with every big decision you make.

• Understand The Difference Of Scale

the rest of your life is statistically sixty years long. so ask yourself what is more important: to be more concerned with those four years or to be more concerned about the future.

alotta these are general, and people who read this will still probably make some of these mistakes, but the important thing is to try not to make mistakes and learn as much as you can from them if you do. goodluck anon